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Changes for the new subscription year

Hi all

A bulk email went out to day to members and account holders explaining the new arrangements and fees for the forthcoming 2021-2022 subscription year.  The email is copied below.

We realise that these are major changes, but we feel they are necessary to move AQMLM forward and enable us to invest in improving our service to members.

Thank you

Jonathan Middle (Chair)

Bulk email today:

Seasons Greetings

Hi everyone

I sincerely hope that you all manage to have the best Christmas and New Year possible, given the current situation we find ourselves in with COVID-19.

The pandemic has stress-tested the NHS in many ways and all staff have been affected, including those of us in laboratory medicine.  But we are by no means out of the woods.  Further challenges lie ahead with the new variant strain and the likelihood of others, unfortunately before mass vaccination takes effect.

100 up!

Hi all

Today we passed a new 'milestone' in AQMLM's history - the 100th person participating in our Zoom meetings signed up, and altogether, they account for 294 past and future places.

The majority of these people are new to AQMLM, with only a small minority from those who joined us before the Zoom meetings started.  It is good that we are reaching out to new people, but it poses the question as to why so few of our long-established members appear to be interested in our Zoom meetings.

If you have any thoughts on this, please let us know!

Zoom Meeting Programme

Hi all

I am very pleased to report that our programme of Zoom Meetings has now been agreed and extended well into 2021.  The full list is on the Forthcoming events page as usual.

Feedback on the six meetings held so far has been good and interest in them has generated almost 50 new full membership accounts, with many of these being persons other than quality managers and leads.  This widening of our traditional audience is a good thing for our Association.

Revised Zoom Meeting Schedule


Following your feedback, we have revised our Zoom Meeting schedule, which is on the Forthcoming Events page.  Registration is now open for the first on 10th August - "Maintaining a Competent Workforce".

Hope to see you there!


Future Zoom Meetings


We sent out a bulk email on 17th July, asking for interest in our proposed forthcoming Zoom meetings, so that we might confirm the ones where there is strong interest.

To date (21st July) we have had 18 replies - thank you - but it would be good to have some more please - we actually have over 400 account holders who receive emails!

We really do want these Zoom meetings to be relevant to your needs, so your comments and suggestions for other topics would be most welcome.

Thank you!


Zoom Meeting #02 - 16th July 2020


Following the success of our first on the 25th June 2020, we are hosting our second Zoom Meeting at 11:00 on Thursday 16th July 2020. The theme will be "Creating a COVID-19 Secure Work Environment".

Participation is free of charge for AQMLM full members; £10.00 for non-members. Participation is limited to 40 persons.

The meeting will be hosted by AQMLM Directors.

Full details are on our Forthcoming Events page as usual.

AQMLM Webinars


We are hosting out first Zoom Webinar at 11:00 on Thursday 25th June 2020. The theme will be UKAS Accreditation During the COVID-19 Crisis".

Participation is free for AQMLM full members; £10.00 for non-members. A limit of 40 participants will be set.

The Webinar will be hosted by AQMLM Directors and senor staff from UKAS will be in attendance to answer questions posted during the call.

Full details on our Forthcoming Events page.

We hope this event will be of interest.



COVID-19 test performance characteristics

I've become concerned about two things:

COVID-19 : 01


I hope you are all staying well and coping as best you can with the current crisis.

I just wanted to point out that we are continually extending our COVID-19 Resources Page and have placed a tab for this in the top level menu of the website.  

My fellow Directors and I are adding to this as we become aware of organisations with COVID-19 hubs and interesting articles.

If there is something you would like to add, please let us know.

Thank you and best wishes to all.



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