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Information on our financial arrangements

To assist those responsible for approving study leave and arranging payment, please note the following information:


  • We are a not-for-profit unincorporated association; we are not a UK Company, nor are we a Charity
  • We are not registered for VAT - we are well below the threshold
  • We do not have a Finance Department; our finances are managed by directors working unpaid in their own time.  This requires the arangements for payment to be straightforward and easy for all concerned
  • Fees for our networking events are much lower than those charged by commercial workshop/seminar companies, and are exceptionally good value if online payment well in advance is made (see below). This benefits attendees who are virtually all NHS staff
  • To pay by electronic transfer, please use the website Contact form to request our bank account details
  • We use PayPal in our website e-commerce system as a vehicle for online credit card payment, but PayPal accounts are not required
  • If you need to send us a document, please email a pdf to  If you send a document by post, it can sometimes take a week to reach our PO Box, and this is only cleared once a week on Friday mornings

Networking Event fee structure (these events are currently suspended)

  • We announce the dates and topics for our events a number of months in advance to allow staff to book study leave and arrange payment if they cannot pay online.  Registration with online payment usually opens six weeks before the event
  • AQMLM account holders and full members are informed immediately by email and encouraged to register and pay promptly, with a further incentive of a fee increase if payment is made less than two weeks before the event
  • Our event fees (see the Forthcoming Events page) are low for full AQMLM members who can pay online with a credit card or by bank transfer well in advance and then claim reimbursement from their organisation.  Fees are higher for later payments, and much higher for employing organisations paying late
  • For full AQMLM members, we also have a Multiple Meeting Registration Discount (MMRD) system for up to four people from a given organisation to register and pay online in advance for up to four meetings each, which reduces the fees to as low as £35 per place 
  • IMPORTANT: We no longer routinely invoice against purchase orders, following persistent problems with late payment.  We may invoice under exceptional circumstances, e.g. where staff are not allowed reimbursement, but our invoices will state a substantially higher charge which is discounted if payment is received before the event.  If payment is made after the event and only the discounted amount is paid, we will invoice again for the remainder and add a surcharge for having to do this.
  • We respectfully request that those responsible for granting study leave and paying for staff to attend our events, recognise these arrangements and enable their staff to pay online or by BACS and claim reimbursement.  This will be highly beneficial to us and much cheaper for their organisation!

Zoom Meeting Fees (from June 2020)

  • Zoom calls are free of charge for AQMLM members with current annual subscriptions
  • AQMLM Account holders pay a one-off fee of £10.00 payable only online or by bank transfer

Thank you!

Dr Jonathan Middle (Chair)
Updated 3rd July 2020

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