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AQMLM is a mutual support organisation for individuals with any Quality-related role in the field of clinical laboratory services

For us, Quality Management involves both:

  • analytical quality - understanding measurement science and getting the correct result
  • process quality - meeting international and/or accreditation quality management standards 

AQMLM Members will define our principal activities and help the organisation co-evolve with laboratory medicine.

We are here for you - to help you in your Quality role, whether you:

  • are a formally appointed Quality Manager or Quality Lead
  • are a Quality Officer (who manages IQC & EQA for the laboratory)
  • are an EQA Organiser or Manager evaluating the state of the art of assay systems
  • are a diagnostic company staff member engaged in assay standardisation
  • are engaged in clinical laboratory accreditation
  • have the maintenance & improvement of Analytical and/or Process Quality as any part of your role

To become a member of AQMLM, you will first need to create an account for this website, then pay your membership fee via the Join AQMLM/Renew membership page.  To create a website account, please go here for instructions.

You can find out more about AQMLM membership on the Membership Information page.

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