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AQMLM is a not-for-profit, mutual support organisation for individuals with a quality-related role in clinical laboratory medicine services.  

It was founded in 2009, as a personal initiative of Dr Jonathan Middle, Dr Richard Daw and Alan Dench, arising out of their careers in specialist areas of quality management in laboratory medicine and as an extension to their development of the West Midlands Clinical Laboratory Quality Management Association.

For AQMLM, Quality Management involves both:

  • analytical quality - understanding measurement science and getting the correct result, and
  • process quality - meeting international and/or accreditation quality management standards 

AQMLM Members will help define our principal activities and enable our association to co-evolve with laboratory medicine.

We are here for you - to help you in your quality role, whether you:

  • are a formally appointed Quality Manager or Quality Lead
  • are a Quality Officer (who manages IQC & EQA for the laboratory)
  • are an EQA Organiser or Manager evaluating the state of the art of assay systems
  • are a diagnostic company staff member engaged in assay standardisation
  • are engaged in clinical laboratory accreditation
  • have the maintenance & improvement of Analytical and/or Process Quality as any part of your role

To become a member of AQMLM, you will first need to create an account for this website, then pay your membership fee.  Please go to our Join AQMLM page here.

You can find out more about AQMLM membership on the Membership Information page.

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