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Changes for the new subscription year

Hi all

A bulk email went out to day to members and account holders explaining the new arrangements and fees for the forthcoming 2021-2022 subscription year.  The email is copied below.

We realise that these are major changes, but we feel they are necessary to move AQMLM forward and enable us to invest in improving our service to members.

Thank you

Jonathan Middle (Chair)

Bulk email today:

  1. At a recent meeting, AQMLM Directors decided that in consideration of the tremendous value we are offering with 10 Zoom meetings per year for no additional charge, the annual subscription fee will rise from £25 to £50 for 2021-2022, but see below for our discount offer and additional member benefits
  2. It was further decided that non-member website account holder status will cease, as we have accumulated several hundred 'dormant' accounts which have not been accessed for several years, and many such account holders have never attended a face-to-face meeting or a Zoom event.  This will enable us to make a much needed clean up of our database and focus our service on those who engage with our Association
  3. We are also deleting the AQMLM membership Group option, as this has not been needed for several years
The details of these changes are as follows:
  • The fee for all persons joining or renewing from 1st September 2021 for the 1st October 2021 to 30th September 2022 subscription year, will be £50, however, existing subscribing members & account holders may pay a discounted fee of £40 if they join/renew by 31st August 2021
  • As a further incentive, all who join/renew at the discounted rate will be entered into a draw to win reimbursement of the fee for attending the Quality Management day at IBMS Congress 2022, currently £105 for IBMS members or £145 for non-members
  • All members in the 2021-2022 year will also benefit from a subsidised registration fee for a two-day Symposium we are planning for 2022
  • The status of non-member account holder will end on 31st December 2021, when all website accounts that have not been upgraded to paid member will be deleted
  • The Group membership option will be discontinued with immediate effect
  • The fees for our Zoom meetings and recordings links will also change from Zoom 16 (October 20th) onwards, to reflect their value.
    • Participation for Members in our Zoom meetings will continue to be free of charge, including the recording link, but they must formally register for each meeting they wish to attend; they are not automatically registered.   If they are not registered, the fee for the recording link will be £20
    • Non-members who register will pay a fee of £40 per meeting, which includes the recording link, but non-members who are not registered will pay £60 for the recording link


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