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Membership Information


Responsibilities of Membership

You should be professionally engaged in an aspect of quality management in laboratory medicine as a part of your role

  • Your application is accepted on the basis that the information you provide is correct
  • You promise to support the aims of AQMLM
  • You promise to act professionally and considerately at all times to colleague members and participnts at AQMLM events
  • You promise to do nothing to bring AQMLM into disrepute


Membership Fees

The membership year now begins on 1st January and ends on 31st December (go here for details).  Those joining after the start of the new subscription year pay the full fee for that year, irrespective of the date they join, however, during June 2022, we have a special offer - see below.

The membership fee is normally £50.00 per annum, payable by bank transfer, personal invoice or by credit/debit card over the phone.  However, during June 2022, we have a special offer of a reduced fee of £30 to cover the rest of 2022.  Go here for details.  We allow membershp fee payment by employer purchase order and invoicing only in very exceptional circumstances and apply an administrative fee of £25.00 per invoice for this facility.



To join AQMLM, you will first need to register an AQMLM website account before paying your the membership fee. Please follow the instructions here to apply for a website account.

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