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How to form an AQMLM Group

AQMLM is happy to act as an umbrella organsiation for local/regional quality management groups.  The benefits we offer are:

  • 10% reduction in membership fees
  • facility for group payment of fees
  • private discussion forum
  • a separate identity within the AQMLM database which allows specific communication

The rules for forming AQMLM Groups are:

  • The Group must be led by a fully paid up AQMLM member who agrees to manage the Group's membership and private Discussion Forum, and to keep us informed of changes in its membership
  • The Group must maintain at least six fully paid up AQMLM members (including the Leader) in the relevant subscription year.  The Group's benefits will be suspended if this number is not maintained

How to apply to form an AQMLM Group:

  1. If they do not have one, the Group Leader applies for an AQMLM website account, and indicates he/she wishes to form a Group
  2. The Group Leader then contacts their members and instructs them to apply for AQMLM website accounts but not to join until advised to do so
  3. When all their  members have set up website accounts, the Group Leader applies to form a Group using the AQMLM website Contact form, supplying the following information:
    • Group Leader's name and AQMLM username
    • Name for their Group 
    • A list of other members and their AQMLM usernames
    • Whether members will join and pay individually or their fees will be paid collectively by the Group Leader or Group Leader's institution
  4. The AQMLM administrator creates the Group on the database, assigns specific Group Leader and Group Member roles to the listed individuals, and emails all concerned with instructions for how to proceed
  5. If Group members are paying their subscriptions individually, they will be advised to purchase AQMLM membership, following the instructions on the Join AQMLM / renew membership page of the website and using the Group discount product
  6. If Group members are being paid for collectively, the Group leader will be emailed with instructions for payment.  When this is received, Group members will be assigned full AQMLM membership

Thank you!

Dr. Radut | page