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Please use the form below for all communications with AQMLM!  It helps us to log all communications with members and visitors. 

Please be extremely careful to check that your email address is correct and fully functional, as email will be the primary means of communication with you; AQMLM intends to be essentially paper-free.

Thank you!

Our registered postal address has changed as of 10th June 2019.  Birmingham Quality (UK NEQAS) Director, Finlay MacKenzie, has kindly agreed to allow us to share theirs, as we have very few postal items now. 

PO Box 3909
B15 2UE

Please note that we now receive very few items by post and much prefer communication of documents by email.  If you must send us hard copy of a document, please email us in advance so that we can be aware of its arrival.  Thank you!

For urgent telephone calls/texts, please use: O7527 84O 819.

Please enter a Subject for your email and an appropriate Category from the drop down list.  Thank you!

IMPORTANT! - To apply for a website account, please provide in the Message area below, your title, name, personal and work emails, work address, work telephone, mobile phone, job title, quality role and laboratory medicine speciality.  A preliminary profile will be set up and you will be emailed with a username and a temporary password.  You should immediately log in with these details, change your password and complete your profile.  



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