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TheQualityGuy Service

Dear members

We have had to reconsider offering this service following advice to him by TQG's Trust not to engage in this activity for risk management reasons.

We will now consider making this service part of the General Discussion Forum.

This is regrettable, but I hope you all understand.

Best wishes 


Subscription expiry


This is just to remind paid-up members for 2011-12 that the period of grace before cancellation of their membership will end this week, so please renew as soon as possible.

Thank you to those who have already done so!

Emails will be going out to all on our database over the next two weeks to encourage continued membership..

Thank you


The TQG feature is launched today!


Today, 2nd October 2012, TQG has posted his first case - TQG001.  Please follow the link on the Home page and click on the TQG001 link in the schedule table.

We have decided to make this open access so that all can get a feel for this and respond if they wish.  Subsequent cases will only be viewable by signed in full members, so please renew your subscriptions asap!

Thank you!



TQG is an acronym for "TheQualityGuy" - a new feature of the AQMLM website.  Please follow the TQG link to learn more!


New Subscription Year

I hope you all had a good summer and enjoyed London 2012!

The new 2012-2013 subscription year will start on the 1st October 2012.

Those of you who are paid up AQMLM members will have received automated subscription renewal emails this weekend.  Please note that we are keeping the subscription fees the same for 2012-2013 as last year, namely £25 online or £30 by paper/transfer.



With apologies for the delay, the presentations made at the Management Review Workshop held in April are now available.  Attendees should use the Contact Form to request emailed copies.  Non-attendees should click on the appropriate members or non-members links on the Past Events page to purchase these.  (Note that the income from presentations is not paid to the presenters but is used to maintain and enhance the website.)

November Symposium cancellation

I very much regret that we have had to cancel the planned 2012 Symposium on "The Contribution of the Diagnostic Industry to Laboratory Quality" on 28th November.

Whereas I had a positive response from all the company staff I spoke to at ACB Focus in May, this did not translate into any company putting up a speaker.  In fact a significant number did not even have the courtesy to reply to my emails!

Management Review Workshop - outcome


From the evaluation forms received, I think we can allow ourselves a modest pat on the back.  Pretty nearly everyone was really happy with the day!

We need more suggestions from you for other Workshops we might hold!

Our next event is the Symposium in November - details will emerge in dues course on the Forthcoming Events page.

All the best,



Management Review Workshop - last 5 places


Hope you all had a good Easter.  We are putting the final touches to the Workshop in a fortnight's time.  There are only 5 places left as of today so please register as soon as possible and by next Wednesday (18th) at the latest!

On the 18th we are having a Directors' meting, so if you have any questions or items you would like us to consider, please get in touch!

Thank you


EQAS 2012 Edinburgh

I thought you would like to know that there is to be another three-day endocrinology and immunoassay meeting in the same series as my colleagues and I organised in the 90's. 

This meeting covers theoretical, clinical and practical aspects of the fileds covered by the UK NEQASs for thyroid, steroid and peptide hormones.  Scientific, medical and technical staff from clinical laboratories and the diagnostic industry are warmly welcomed.

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