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Forthcoming Workshop Dates

Hi all

We have set Monday 16th September 2013 for a repeat run of the 2nd July Audit Workshop.  The programme and venue will be the same, but we may adjust the content slightly depending on the outcome of the discussions next week.

Already we have nearly 20 persons on the reserve list, so please email us through the Contact page as soon as possible if you want to be at the event.  

Registration for this will open after next week's Workshop has ended and the invoices settled, so that there is no confusion.  

Audit Workshop - confirmation & next events

Hi all

I have just sent out final confirmation emails to the last few people on the list.  If you don't appear to have this in your inbox and think you are registered, please contact us immediately.

Two registrants have kindly sent me some useful material for the Workshop, but I need more please, and by Tuesday 25th to enable me to collate them.

Audit Workshop Update

Hi all

You will see that we have had a fantastic response to our Audit Workshop on the 2nd July, so registration is now closed.

Audit Workshop

 Hi all

Registration is now open for our Workshop on Audit on the 2nd July 2013.  Please go to the Forthcoming Events page for full information and online registration.

This is a joint Workshop with the West Midlands Clinical Laboratory Quality Managers Association - WQMCLQMA - a regional group which predates AQMLM and out of which AQMLM was developed.  Their website is here.

Important change to Membership enrolment!

Dear Colleagues,

Next week's Symposium

Dear Colleagues

The response to next week's Symposium has been rather disappointing with fewer than half the expected number of registrations.  It will, of course, still go ahead, but it raises the question of whether such meetings are what members want or if it is just a result of current workload issues and/or financial cuts.

What do you think?  Please let us know!

Having said that, there is still time to register, but you must do this within the next few days.  Just send us an email and we can sort out payment on the day.

Important message about signing up!

Dear user,

We are currently experiencing a high volume of spam 'nonsense' website aqccount registrations.  These are blocked, but they have become a nuisance to monitor and delete.  I have therefore suspended online account generation, which must now be done manually.  I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

Symposium 2013 - 19th March 2013

Happy New Year to you all!

I am delighted to launch Registration for our Symposium on the 19th March 2013 at Austin Court, Birmingham.  The theme is "Diagnostic Conundrums - Where Quality Really Matters!".

You will find all you need to know about the Symposium and links for online registration on the Forthcoming Events page.

End of year message

Dear Colleagues

I would like to thank you for your interest in and support for AQMLM during 2012.  Emails have gone out to all members and account holders recently to encourage renewals for 2012-2013, and a number of you have done so - thank you!  There is still plenty of time to renew before our Symposium on the 19th March so as to benefit from discounted registration fees.

Spam registration blocking


We have been experiencing a steady stream of spam account registrations from the US which appear to be coming from real humans rather than bots.  Whilst we figure out how to defeat these, I have temporarily switched the registration process to the 'requires administrator approval' setting. 

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