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Subscription renewals

Hello everyone!

I hope all is well and you managed a decent break before resuming work at the coal face!

At the end of this month, membership subscriptions will become due, so I will be bulk emailing various groups of people over the next week to give instructions and advice.

A number of people who attended the July 8th 2014 Seminar will benefit from our rule that non-members attending events after July 1st have their membership renewed for the following year, so they will not incurr a further fee.  I will be emailing them separately.

November's Symposium


I am very pleased that the programme for the "Impact of the Barnes Review on Quality Management" Symposium on November 12th 2014 is coming together nicely now.  You can see the latest news on the Forthcoming Events page.

I will open registration in September and may combine it with membership subscription renewals, which will work out slightly cheaper than making separate purchases.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

All the best from me and the rest of the AQMLM team!



Website Host Migration


(For those of you who like this sort of thing!)

I am pleased to announce that we have successfully migrated from Plusnet Pay As You Host to Clook Internet for our website hosting service.  Thank you for bearing with us during the migration last week (you may have noticed that the site disappeared for a little while as the name servers refreshed).

Various things

Hello again

We have just had a very busy season of seminars, which, by all accounts, have been quite successful.  The '3 for 2' special offer worked well for 30 or so members, so we will definitely do that again next year!  

We have taken note of some comments that we have been rather too numeric-discipline focussed in our approach this year, and aim to address this with a special day for the non-numeric dsiciplines in our proposed meeting programme.  If you have ideas for this, please let us know.

Seminar on 13th May 2014

Dear Colleagues

I hope you enjoyed the Bank Holiday and perhaps were riveted to the snooker final as I was!

All is more or less in place for next Tuesday's seminar.  We have 56 persons attending and registration will close tomorrow (7th May) probably.

I have sent out a bulk email to everyone on my list (except for those registering today - 6th May) so if you have not received this and think you should have, please email me immediately!  I'll catch up with the last few late registrants during the rest of the week.

Best wishes

Website migration


Just to update you all on our attempt to migrate the website to a new host over the weekend.

Regrettably, this did not happen - some errors were generated which are going to take a while to sort out.  For the technical, it seems to be related to the newer version of PHP that the new host uses, as the database and files copied across OK.

We need to get this right, as it is the newer version of PHP that we need in order to add more security and other features to the site that our current host prevents us from doing.

T&U Seminar purchase problem


I found an error with accessing the online purchase links for the T&U seminar last night and fixed it.  Apologies if members had 'access denied' responses.  Everything should be OK now.


Logging out after your session


We recommend that you explicitly log out of this website when you have finished your session.  Please click on the 'Log out' link in the left hand side bar.

This is good practice anyway, especially if you are using a computer to which others have access, but we have identified a possible problem if you do not.  

Pathology Quality Assurance Review


Here is the link

I think this might encourage some discussion!


New Year update

Hi everyone

I hope you all had a good break!  Regrettably mine was rather stressful for a number of reasons which I won't go into here, which explains why I have been rather slow in getting going with AQMLM activities this year.  My apologies for this.

Suppliers Meeting Presentations - these will go on a special page soon after which I will send a link to all attendees so that they can access them.

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