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AQMLM Webinars


We are hosting out first Zoom Webinar at 11:00 on Thursday 25th June 2020. The theme will be UKAS Accreditation During the COVID-19 Crisis".

Participation is free for AQMLM full members; £10.00 for non-members. A limit of 40 participants will be set.

The Webinar will be hosted by AQMLM Directors and senor staff from UKAS will be in attendance to answer questions posted during the call.

Full details on our Forthcoming Events page.

We hope this event will be of interest.



COVID-19 test performance characteristics

I've become concerned about two things:

COVID-19 : 01


I hope you are all staying well and coping as best you can with the current crisis.

I just wanted to point out that we are continually extending our COVID-19 Resources Page and have placed a tab for this in the top level menu of the website.  

My fellow Directors and I are adding to this as we become aware of organisations with COVID-19 hubs and interesting articles.

If there is something you would like to add, please let us know.

Thank you and best wishes to all.



Season's Greetings

To all Members and Account Holders

On behalf of our Honorary President and my fellow Directors, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With kind regards,

Jonathan Middle


16th December Logistics Workshop

Hi all

Registrations for the 16th December 2019 Workshop on the "Quality Management of Logistics" are coming in, which is good, but numbers are currently insufficient for the event to be viable.

We can achieve this number if around 15 persons sign up by the end of this week (29.11.19), so I would urge you please to do so if you wish to benefit from this interactive networking opportunity.

Thank you!


Value Seminar update


We are very keen to make the 12th September Seminar a success.  This is such an important topic and we have many well known experts speaking!

Although interest is there from the communications we have received, actual registrations and payments are rather slow coming in, so once again my request is for you not to leave it too late to register!

Please note that we have secial Visitor Registration for this meeting and a low fee for trainees!

Best Wishes



Website problem update


It seems that our website host update of their version of MySQL has not disrupted our website database after all, which is excellent news!

We are, however, continuing to develop the alternative site, aas ths may be easier to maintain and develop in the future.

With best wishes,


Very important - please read as soon as possible!


I'd like to bring to your attention the email (copied below), that I have just sent out, concerning our next event and potential problems with our website.  Please note this and take the appropriate action.

Value Seminar Special Offer


Value Proposition Seminar, 13th March 2018

We feel that this is a such an interesting and unique Seminar for AQMLM, with some excellent speakers, that gets to the very heart of what we do in clinical laboratories: adding value for the patient!

So in order to encourage attendance for this special meeting only, we are offering account holders and members the facility to defer payment until the next financial year.

JCTLM Stakeholder status

Hi all

At the beginning of December I attended the JCTLM Stakeholders meeting at BIPM in Sevres just outside Paris.  (I have been involved in JCTLM activities on behalf of UK NEQAS since its inception.)

Subsequent to that meeting, I applied for AQMLM to be a JCTLM Stakeholder and have just heard that this has been accepted.

This means that AQMLM is recognised by JCTLM and can be actively involved in its work in the promotion of metrological traceability in laboratory medicine.

With Seasons Greetings,

Jonathan Middle

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