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Forthcoming Events

The COVID-19 crisis means we are replacing our traditional networking events with Zoom Meetings.

All Zoom meetings are free of charge for fully paid up AQMLM members while they maintain their annual subscription.  Non-members may attend for a fee of £10.00 per event.

The 2020-2021 subscription year began on 1st October 2020 and will end on 30th September 2021.  Particpation for full AQMLM members in all Zoom meetings during that time will be free of charge. 

 Zoom Meeting Programme 2021

  • Zoom 10 Confirmed: 11:00 Monday 8th March 2021 - "Pathology Quality Assurance Dashboard Update"

  • Zoom 11 Confirmed: 11:00 Wednesday 7th April 2021 - "Diagnostic Sensitivity & Specificity, Prevalence and Predictive Value

  • Zoom 12 Planning: 11:00 Monday 10th May 2021 - "Quality Challenges in Genomics, Cellular Pathology & Blood Transfusion"

  • Zoom 13 Planning: 11:00 Tuesday, 15th June 2021 - "Pre-Analytical Quality Challenges" (date subject to change)

Zoom News 

Registration / interest numbers as of 09:30 5th March 2021
Zoom 10 : 64    |    Zoom 11 : 21
David Wells from NHSI will be participating in Zoom 10

Next Zoom Meeting - Zoom 10 

"Pathology Quality Assurance Dashboard Update" 

11:00-12:00 Monday, 8th March 2021 

At this event, we intend to discuss the latest verson of the Pathology Quality Assurance Dashboard (PQAD) and its impact on Laboratory Medicine quality management.  The focus of the meeting will be on staff practical experience of using the PQAD, so we will be inviting participants to contribute their data and impressions of its effectiveness in improving outcomes.

Registration is now closed

64 persons have registered or expressed interest as of 16:00, Friday 5th March 2021.  


At around 14:00 on Monday 1st March, we sent a bulk email to all on our registration list, which includes those who have expressed interest when registering for previous Zooms, to confirm places.  (Those yet to pay their fees were not included in this email.)

At 09:30 today Friday 5th March, we sent a bulk email to all on the registration list with the joining information.

If you believe you are registered and did not receive either of these emails (check your spam folders), please contact us immediately!

If you are no longer able to participate, please email us so that we do not expect you on the call.

If you have suggestions for future events, please let us know.  Thank you!

updated 16:00, 5th March 2021

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