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Forthcoming Events

The COVID-19 crisis means we are postponing our traditional networking events and replacing them with Zoom Meetings.

All Zoom meetings will be free of charge for fully paid up AQMLM members while they maintain their annual subscription; non-members may attend for a fee of £10.00 per event.

Paying the annual subscription from now on means that it will roll over into the 2020-2021 subscription year and end on 30th September 2021.  Particpation for full AQMLM members in all Zoom meetings up to that time will be free of charge. 

The dates and topics of the proposed Zoom meetings below are provisional and subject to change according to the wishes and suggestions of AQMLM members.  Please use the Contact form to comment.

  • Confirmed: Thursday 16th July 2020, 11:00 - Zoom meeting on "Creating a COVID-19 Secure Work Environment"
  • Proposed: Monday, 10th August 2020 - Zoom Meeting on "Point of Care Testing"

  • Proposed: Wednesday, 9th September 2020 - Zoom Meeting on "Maintaining a Competent Workforce"

  • Proposed: Friday, 9th October 2020 - Zoom Meeting on "EQA Q&A"

  • Proposed: Wednesday, 11th November 2020 - Zoom meeting on "Validation & Verification"

  • Proposed: Tuesday, 8th December 2020 - Zoom Meeting on "Adding Value for the Patient"

Next Zoom Meeting

"Creating a COVID-19 Secure Work Environment"
Thursday, 16th July 2020, 11:00 - 11:40

This is the second in a series of AQMLM Zoom meetings over the next few months. It will address the challenges involved in protecting the laboratory medicine workforce during the COVID-19 crisis and its potential long-term consequences.

Registration is open now!

Full AQMLM Members with current annual subscriptions: please send an email or use the Contact form - your participation is free of charge.

AQMLM account holders without annual subscriptions: you will need to pay a £10.00 one-off fee.  To pay online, please sign in to your account and click here.  To pay by bank transfer, please use the Contact form to request instructions.  If you join or re-new your subscription now, it will roll over to the end of the next subscription year (30th September 2021) and will mean all Zoom meetings up to that date will be free of charge for you.

Others not wishing to have AQMLM accounts: you will also need to pay the £10.00 one-off fee.  Please use the Contact form to povide your contact details and request bank transfer (BACS) instructions.

As of 09:00, 9th July 2020, 24 participants are registered.  The limit for this call is 40, so please do not leave it too late to register!

If you have suggestions for future events, please let us know.  Thank you!

updated 09.00, 9th July 2020

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