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Data Protection Statement

AQMLM Data Protection Statement

'Account holder' here means any person who is an AQMLM website account holder, or who has submitted their personal data in order to register for an AQMLM event..

  • AQMLM asserts its compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • AQMLM is both a controller and processor of account holders' personal data
  • There is no statutory or contractual requirement for account holders to provide us with any personal data, but we invite them to do so, in order to enable us to carry out our purpose
  • The legal basis for processing account holders' personal data is their consent, where they have provided this, and otherwise our legitimate interest
  • We have performed a legitimate interests assessment (LIA) which indicates the need for us to hold personal details of AQMLM account holders in order (a) to communicate with them about our services and events, and (b) to maintain records of their attendance at events and their payments for financial accounting purposes
  • Consent is implied when individuals submit their personal data for creation of an AQMLM website account or otherwise register for an event.  However, we provide a consent form here for account holders to give explicit consent for the way we hold and use their personal data if they wish to submit this
  • Account holders may contact us at any time to seek information on the personal data we hold on them and how we use it.  They may amend their website account profile personal data at any time; indeed we require them to do so when their contact details change
  • We do not share personal data with any third party (except PayPal as part of their e-commerce terms & conditions).  If we were to be asked by a third party to supply personal data, we would always seek individuals' explicit permission on each and every occasion

Dr Jonathan Middle (Chair)
12th March 2018



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