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Multiple person, multiple meeting application

This application form is for the 2020 multiple meetings registration discount (MMRD) process for up to four people at the same institution attending up to three of the paid meetings each (total 12 places). 

You may apply in three different ways:

  1. on behalf of up to four persons at your institution if you are not attending a meeting
  2. as an individual just for your own selection of meetings
  3. you may get together with up to three other colleagues, decide on which meetings you wish to attend and who should be the applicant who completes and submits this form

There are a few rules which the applicant must ensure all registrants comply with.

  • All registrants must be fully paid up AQMLM members in the current (2019-2020) subscription year
  • All registrants must commit to renewing their membership for the 2020-2021 subscription year if they select the December 2020 meeting
  • All registrants must agree to make appropriate payments online or by BACS in advance of the meetings as advised by AQMLM

If the Applicant is also registering, they should enter their name as Registrant 1.  If other staff member names are not yet known, you may register places as 'A N Other 1, 2, 3' as required.

The Applicant should send an email through the Contact form to alert us that they have submitted a form, as this does not automatically happen.

On receipt of this form, AQMLM adminstrators will contact the applicant with any requests for clarification and instructions for payment.

This MMRD system is primarily intended for full AQMLM members paying online and claiming reimbursement from their employer, but if their employer has a strict policy not to allow this and insists on purchase orders and invoices, we may be prepared to make exceptions, but only if the paperwork is completed and payment made for all places applied for at least two weeks before the first applicable meeting.   If this applies to you, please email us using the Contact formPlease note that an administrative charge of £5 per place will be made for this exceptional service.

(You must be a fully paid up AQMLM member and be signed in to view the form fields.  If they are not visible after you have signed in, then you are a website account holder and not a full member.)

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