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We now have a system where attendees at our meetings are provided free of charge on request with a link to a meeting-specific Dropbox folder, where they may download pdfs of the presentations.  

If you were an attendee at any of the meetings below, please email us to request the link(s) for the meeting(s) you are interested in.

As an additional benefit for qualifying fully paid up AQMLM members, we will now make presentations available to those who did not attend a meeting, one year after it was held.  To qualify, members must have attended at least one networking event in the past, or three Zoom meeting events in the present (Autumn 2020) period.

People inside very strong firewalls may find that Dropbox is inaccessible.  You should, however be able to persuade your IT department to whitelist the links, or access them from home.

Meetings for which this service is available to meeting attendees and qualifying AQMLM members who did not attend, are:

  • Managing the Quality of Suppliers - 19th November 2013
  • Traceability & Uncertainty - 11th March 2014
  • Gathering the Evidence - 13th May 2014
  • Verification & Validation - 8th July 2014
  • Impact of the Barnes Review - 12th November 2014
  • Audit Theory & Practice - 10th March 2015
  • Psychology of Quality Management - 12th May 2015
  • Quality Management for the Non-numeric Disciplines - 14th July 2015
  • Audit Theory & Practice - 17th September 2015
  • Information Management - 10th November 2015
  • Effective EQA Management - 8th March 2016
  • Quality Management of POCT - 8th June 2016
  • UKAS Assessments - Lessons Learnt So Far - 6th September 2016
  • Pre- & Post-Analytical KPIs - 6th December 2016
  • Training & Competency - 14th March 2017
  • Audit of Erors & Incidents - 13th June 2017
  • Quality Management of New Technology - 19th October 2017
  • Quality Management of Screening Assays - 12th December 2017
  • The Challenge of Multi-Site Quality Management - 13th June 2018
  • Audit Theory - 11th September 2018
  • Audit Practice - 12th October 2018
  • Change & Risk Management - 12th December 2018
  • There is More to Quality Management than Accreditation - 12th September 2019

Presentations are made available on the strict understanding that they are for individual personal study and internal quality improvement purposes at the persons's institution.  If you wish to include any material from our presentations for a poster, publication or external presentation of your own, you must seek permission from the author, either directly or through AQMLM. 

Thank you!


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