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The Future of AQMLM

This questionnaire is designed to establish the needs of our members as we move into our second decade.

Recent meeting cancellations suggest that our educational events are not as attractive as they have been in the past, although we are aware of the difficulties people have getting study leave and reimbursement.

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Please submit your response as soon as possible and by the 21st July 2019.  All responders up to this date who have provided their contact details, will be entered into a draw for a £25 Amazon voucher.  You may, however, respond anonymously if you wish.

Circular radio buttons indicate that you may make only one response from the list.

Square check boxes indicate that you can make multiple choices.

Text boxes with starter text are provided for you to make additional free text comments.  Please delete the starter text before adding your text.  If you have no comment, please enter 'None', as a response is required.

This questionnaire should take no more than 15 minutes to answer.  You may, however, save a draft and return at a later time to complete it.

Thank you!

Dr. Radut | webform