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Symposium impressions

This year's Symposium has come and gone - so suddenly it seems  When I have had a chance to analyse the evaluation forms, I will report in greater depth, but I thought I would make some initial comments.

One week to go!

I am pleased to say that numbers have crept up to almost 50 attendees (excluding Speakers and AQMLM Directors) for next weeks Symposium - which is very good news!

I am delighted to thank the following companies for sponsorship and support; they have indeed helped to ensure the Symposium is a financial success.

Cranfield University
Gael Ltd
Genial Genetic Solutions Ltd

Two weeks to go!

Hi all

Our Symposium is only two weeks away!  If you are coming, please register as soon as possible - there are still 20 or so places available and we want a full house for such a prestigious group of speakers.

Please go to the Symposium page and follow the sign up link or download a paper form. 

If you are submitting a paper form, please email us as well as it may take over a week for your form to arrive in our PO Box.

Thank you!



Symposium Update


Registrations are starting to come in for the Symposium, but there are plenty of places left and we need the full support of members! Please do not leave it to the last moment!  Thank you!

I have today refreshed the Programe page and added some Abstract inromation for some of the speakers.  Please follow the link on the Home page. 

I doubt if you will ever see again such an authoritative collection of speakers on the theme of this meeting! 


IBMS Congress 2011 Report

I just thought I would feedback to you our experience of IBMS 2011 at the ICC in Birmingham last week.

We had a small stand (R6) in the registration area close to one of the doors to the main Exhibition, right next to the BIVDA stand and opposite the Wisepress book display.  This proved a handy place to be and we attracted quite a lot of visitors.  It was also nice for me personally asd I seemed to know everyone for the companies coming to the BIVDA stand next door!

AQMLM member subscription expiry

We are now in October and the 2010 - 2011 subscription year has passed. 

All members (except those who have renewed recently) will have received an automated expiry notice today.

Those colleagues who have renewed by paper form and cheque or cash at the IBMS meeting, will have their membership manually updated on the website database during the coming week.

It would be great if all could renew their membership as soon as possible to retain eligibility for member's discount for the Symposium and free access to presentation downloads and discussion forums.

All set for IBMS 2011!


All is ready - leaflets, poster panels, AQMLM Banner, Champagne, Sweets, AQMLM rulers, furniture; just have to set up the Stand (R6) on Sunday afternoon now!

Find us on the end of the row of small stands in the Registration area outside the Exhibition Hall 3.

Hope to see you there - you will receive a warm welcome!


Journal Watch


I have been stimulated by the latest issues of the Annals of Clinical Biochemistry to start a Journal Watch page.

If you have seen a publication which you think would be of broad interest to the membership, please use the Contact form to send me details, and I will post it on the JW page.

If you would like to discuss an issue arising from a publication on the JW page, why not start a Discussion Forum topic?

Thank you!


AQMLM 2011 Symposium

The Programme for this year's Symposium has now been finalised, and members and non-members may now sign up for this event.  Please go to the Symposium information page.

We really do want this Symposium to be a great success, especially since we have such a famous and authoritative keynote speaker in Mario Plebani.

Please sign up as soon as possible - and don't forget to renew your subscription or enrol as a member to enjoy the special discount rate.

Thank you!


IBMS Congress 2011

AQMLM has a stand (R6) in the Registration area at IBMS 2011.

AQMLM Directors will be in attendance to listen to your views about the Association and discuss possible future activities.

There will be a free gift for all who complete a contact form and a daily draw for a bottle of champagne.

It would be great to see you there!


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